40 Android Apps For Students Looking To Crush This Semester

Android apps

College can undoubtedly cause loads of stress, so you should take every measure possible to make life a little easier. Enter your Android phone. This little device is capable of a lot, including everything from calculating your GPA to finding and purchasing the cheapest available textbooks. So, do your homework, and find the best apps for school and college life. Here are 40 great ones to consider right off the bat — most are free, but if they aren’t, it’s indicated in the brief descriptions.

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CoursePro manages your workload

For just $2.99, CoursePro can keep track of your courses, assignments and grades. With this app, you'll never be out of the loop.

myDAY for your notes

myDay is a journal and note application that allows you to keep a chronological record of your daily activities.

Thinking Space organizes your thoughts

The official Mind Mapping app allows you to organise and plan ideas and activities.

Quick Calendar to manage your time

View upcoming appointments and other events in your phone's status bar with Quick Calendar.

GPA Calculator lets you know where you stand

With this tool, you can calculate, monitor and manage your GPA.

Evernote keeps track of it all

Snapshots taken of text become searchable once scanned by Evernote's servers, making it easy to search and retrieve them later on your PC.

Catch Notes for even more notetaking ability

Another note taking app to consider. This one has garnered rave reviews because of its many capabilities, including the ability to geotag your locations.


Capture, process and share whiteboard material in class when you don't have the time or will to write it down with Share Your Board.

StudyDroid Flashcards 2.0 Free

Save a few trees with this app by creating flash cards on your phone. Text size and colour are adjustable, of course.

Voice Recorder can record it all

This app is perfect for capturing audio notes, personal notes, and if you're a journalism student, recording interviews.

GDocs for Android will wrangle all your documents

A tool that enables you to create, edit, view, import, export and send documents as well as sync documents with your Google Docs account.

Dropbox is your online storage space

Use Dropbox to access files from your PC on the go by syncing them with your phone. Supports Word, PFD, video and audio files.

WordPlayer for reading on the go

With this app, you can choose from thousands of books to download within seconds. customisable and easy to read.

Cheap Textbooks will save you money

The best way to find affordable textbooks locally and online. Find quick results by using your phone's barcode scanner.

Dictionary.com for all your writing needs

Use this app to search up to 325,000 words and definitions, and 300,000 synonyms and antonyms.

Grammar Guide makes you a formidable communicator

A reference guide that offers a glossary of terms, punctuation, capitalisation, misused words, misspelled words, when to use numbers and tips for proofreading.

Wapedia is your handy reference tool

Use Wapedia to quickly search Wikipedia, even on slower networks. Also great for additional content such as news, Wikiquotes and Wikitravel information.

Google Translate helps you with linguistic troubles

It translates up to 50 languages and features dictionary results, text-to-text speech and voice input.

handyCalc Calculator makes you a maths wizard

A powerful calculator with advanced features that'll help you ace your most difficult maths classes.

StatDist whips your statistics homework into shape

An advanced app that 'calculates densities, probabilities, and quantiles of common useful continuous and discrete distributions.' For the aspiring statistician.

Formulas Lite is your handy cheat sheet

With this app you can find important maths, physics and chemistry formulas when you need them the most. Also includes a scientific calculator, translator and interesting facts.

Periodic Table tracks all the matter in the universe

In addition to viewing the periodic table, access more than 30 facts about each element.

SciencePal for even more science reference help

Reference information about the periodic table, constants, polyatomic ions, nuclides Z=0-70 and the solar system.

USA Graduate School: Education helps you find the right school

Research prospective grad schools by reading overviews and finding admissions requirements, costs, rankings and more.

PowerVocab Ultra Edition will expand your vocabulary

Designed for tests such as the GRE and GMAT, this app has your vocab study needs covered.

GRE maths will sharpen your maths skills

More than 1,000 questions and six mock quizzes make this your go-to app for GRE maths prep -- $4.99 well spent.

GMAT maths for further study

This app is just like GRE maths but made for the GMAT, containing just as many questions and quizzes. Also $4.99.

LSAT Assassin - LR Deluxe gets you ready for testing

Use this app to prep by answering up to 250 real LSAT questions. $14.99 due to licensing fees.

Mint.com Personal Finance gets your budget under control

Manage your money and track your spending habits. Perfect for any penny-pinching college student.

Electricity Calculator helps you save a buck

Calculate your electricity usage and costs way before the bill arrives.

Layar to find your next destination with augmented reality

Search for the most popular hotspots in your area and dig deeper by exploring Layar's Augmented Reality view.

Trip Journal keeps details of your vacation

The No. 1 Google Awarded Travel App enables you to document and share details of those patented college road trips.

Pandora Radio, your new favourite station

Get a more personalised radio listening experience by simply entering the name of your favourite artist.


Video chat with your friends and family around the country.

NPR keeps you up with the news

Scan the latest news, absorb an hourly five-minute newscast, or simply listen to a local NPR station with their app.

New York Times brings you quality journalism

The award-winning journalism of The New York Times right on your Android phone.

Wattpad is your new eBook reader

The world's most popular ebook community provides access to more than 100,000 books and poems written by people like you. You can share your work too!

Pocket Knowledge is a versatile resource for your phone

Ask a question - any question - related to anything from culture to physics, and receive an answer.

Dean's List Trivia is fun and educational

For $3.99, undertake the challenge of answering up to 1,000 questions from various categories. Earn your spot on the Dean's List or even better accolades by showcasing your expertise in a subject.

Memory Master will exercise your brain

Exercise your mind and improve your memory by completing all 11 levels of this entertaining game.

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