Android One's early sales performance in India and future plans beyond South Asia

Back at the Google I/O developer conference in June 2014, Google officially unveiled the Android One project, a program in which Google would work hand-in-hand with low-cost smartphone manufacturers in emerging markets.

The goal of the program is to provide manufacturers with hardware specifications that these companies can use to easily build the most cost-effective smartphone devices, which run the stock Android operating system, similar to the OS found on Google Nexus devices.

Android One’s initial launch was in India, and it is also now available in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, the Philippines, and Bangladesh. Beyond South Asia, Google may look to Latin America and Africa as potential regions for Android One expansion, although no announcements have been made.

In a new report from BI Intelligence, we look at how Android One has been performing in India thus far in relation to the performance of the rest of India’s smartphone market. We also discuss the potential opportunity for Android One in other emerging markets like South America and Africa and break down the platform and vendor wars happening in those markets.

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Here are a few key points about Android One:

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In full, the report:

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