SCARY: Malicious Android Apps Are Up 400 per cent — Here’s How To Protect Yourself

Dead Android Phone

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A study by Juniper networks has found a 400 per cent increase in malware on Android devices, TechCrunch is reporting.This isn’t the first report of malicious apps we’ve heard of. In early March, more than 50 leaked into the Android Market. The apps had seemingly innocuous names, but were in fact designed to steal information off your phone.

Google yanked those apps from the Market, but that doesn’t mean others haven’t snuck in.

Here are a few tips for protecting your phone:

  • Read the reviews before downloading an app you haven’t heard of. If something looks odd, it’s safer not to download.
  • Don’t download apps from unknown external sources. Amazon’s Appstore is fine, but be careful when downloading an app from a website.
  • If you’re really nervous you can turn off the ability to download non-Market apps. Go to Settings > Applications > and uncheck the box next to “Unknown Sources.”
  • Download an anti-malware app like Lookout Mobile Security. It will scan all your apps before you install them.

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