Google's Massive New Android Update Just Launched, And There May Already Be A Big Problem With It

AndroidMaterialDesignLisa EadiciccoWhat Android 5.0 looks like on the Nexus 6

Google’s new Lollipop update hasn’t even officially launched for most Android phones, but developers are already reporting an issue that prevents them from connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

According to Google’s forum for reporting bugs within Android, some developers are reporting that their devices running Android 5.0 won’t connect to Wi-Fi networks.

The thread started on Oct. 17 with the most recent post published on Nov. 13, as blog Phone Arena spotted.

The developer that filed the original complaint says the Nexus 5 he or she had been using would save the Wi-Fi network after the password was entered, but would never actually connect to the network. More recent reports from Nov. 13 indicate the same problem has been occurring since mid-October.

It seems like most developers experiencing this problem are using Lollipop on a Nexus 5 running the build LRX201. This is an official build from Google that reflects the final version of the software — it’s not a developer preview edition.

For what it’s worth, the Nexus 6 Google sent us is running on a different build (LRX21I) and didn’t have any issues with connecting to Wi-Fi networks. It’s possible that this problem is exclusive to a specific version of Lollipop on the Nexus 5 that may not be completely up to date.

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