How To Wipe All Your Location Data From Your Android Phone

location cache android app

Android users with can now get in on the location-tracking controversy with a new app called Location Cache from the Android Market.

The app is only for rooted Android devices. (Click here to learn how to root your phone).

The app gives you a bird’s eye view into the location data your device has been storing, whether it’s been storing it for illicit reasons or otherwise.

You can view which towers and Wi-Fi hotspots you’ve connected to on a map, similar to the app for Mac that works with the iPhone’s location data.

For those worried about privacy, you can also delete all your location data, but the developer warns that this could be a bit risky. Do that at your own risk. Once you clear the location data, it can’t be undone.

Get the free app here from the Android Market.

[Via AddictiveTips]

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