Google Just Accidentally Revealed Another New Feature Coming To Your Android Phone

Matias duarte material design google ioYouTubeGoogle’s Mathias Duarte unveils Android L.

Google has called Android L its biggest update yet, and we’re still hearing about features the company didn’t have enough time to mention at its annual I/O developer conference in June.

One such feature is the addition of multiple user profiles for Android phones, which means you’ll be able to easily share your phone with others without having to worry about anyone noodling through your messages or apps.

Google inadvertently revealed this addition through its Android Issue Tracker, a forum where Android developers can share issues they experience with previews of upcoming Android software releases.

On Wednesday, one user took to this forum to complain about smartphones lacking multi-user support. Android Police first spotted the post.

A Google team member responded to the post with the following: “The development team has implemented this feature and it will be available as part of the next public build.”

In other words, it sounds like Google just said the feature has been built into Android L. Take a look at the screenshot below.

Some Android smartphones already support this capability, but only if the device manufacturer includes it in its own Android skin. For example, newer LG smartphones like the G3 and G2 come with a guest mode that lets you set a specific lock pattern for others who use your phone.

You can hand-pick which apps are accessible in this guest mode. This type of functionality isn’t available in all Android phones, however, including Google’s line of Nexus devices.

Microsoft also announced a similar feature called Apps Corner, which will debut in its next Windows Phone 8.1 update.

Android tablets already allow you to create multiple user profiles, but it looks like phones will get this addition too in the near future. Android L is expected to launch sometime in the fall, although Google has yet to confirm when it will start rolling out.

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