How Google Made That Giant Kit Kat Android Statue In Front Of Its HQ

Android kit katGoogleA Company Called Themendous Makes All Of The Android Statues

Whenever Google pushes out a new version of Android, it erects a new statue commemorating the sweet dessert that serves as the current codename.
We’ve seen Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, and Gingerbread, and they’re all produced by a New Jersey company called Themendous.

Last week, Google announced it would name its next version of Android Kit Kat, after the candy bar.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the making of the statue.

They start with a model of the Android.

Then they take a scaled photo for client review.

The logo goes on next.

Then the logo is carved out.

The polyurethane hard coat is applied.

Then, several coats of paint.

They make several different sculptures to choose from.

The eyes are added as a final touch.

And the sculpture is baked at 140 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour.

Then it's go time!

Soon Kit Kat will join its new home in the Android garden.

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