SCREENSHOTS: Check Out Jelly Bean, The New Version Of Android Launching Next Month

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Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

Google announced its new version of Android called Jelly Bean on Wednesday. The mobile operating system is set to launch in mid-July on the Motorola Xoom, Nexus 7 tablet, Galaxy Nexus, and Nexus S. We’ve been playing around with Jelly Bean on the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 for about a day now and thought we’d should you what’s new. Keep reading to see the full tour.

When you start Jelly Bean for the first time, you're prompted to set up your phone.

Choose your Wi-Fi connection.

Since this is a Google operating system, you need to log in with your Google Account to take full advantage.

Enter your Google Account credentials.

Choose a time zone.

You can back up your device to the cloud. That way if you ever need to reset it, you can get all your settings, contacts, etc. back.

Google works best if you let it know your location, so check these two boxes if you agree.

Now on to the fun...

Here's the new lock screen. You can swipe up to open directly to Google search. We'll show you more on that soon.

Here's the home screen. Want to see a neat trick? Swipe your finger up from the bottom of the screen...

...and you can access the new Google search feature. Let's check it out.

It's called Google Now, a Siri-like search assistant. Let's see it in action.

Google Now already knows your favourite stuff based on web searches. Google knows we're Mets fans, so it gives us the score of the last game at the top. Now let's try a search.

Tap the microphone and ask a question.

Boom! Results show up almost instantly. Pretty cool. Let's try another.

Google Now is very smart. The idea here is to make search better by bringing you the answer you need right away without digging through search results.

The Google Play Store got a huge update. Now you can purchase movies and TV shows.

Here's a look at the TV shows page.

And here's the movies page.

Notifications have a new look too. Now you can perform actions from the notifications menu from without opening a separate app.

Fo example, you can share a new photo you just shot on just about any service.

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