Check Out Big Pictures Of Android 3.0, Google's Tablet Operating System

andy rubin

Photo: All Things D

Google just released the Android 3.0 SDK preview for developers.This gives them an opportunity to start testing out apps for Google’s new operating system called Honeycomb.

In addition to the SDK, it also released a few screengrabs of the forthcoming OS.

We’ve gathered them up and added a few comments from Google.

Our absolute snap reaction: We’re not crazy about it. But that doesn’t really mean much, we weren’t exactly blown away by the iPad when we first saw it, and we like that plenty now.

We’re looking forward to playing with an Android tablet at some point in the near future.

Android offers 5 customisable screens.

You can pull up recent apps, which Google says will help you keep track of multitasking.

Android says it has improved copy and paste, and it has changed the keyboard.

It has as new and improved browser with tabs.

Google has updated the camera app

There are new widget styles available for developers.

There's a new multi selection mode that allows for drag and drop.

If you missed it, here's a demo video of Honeycomb

Are we going to get good apps for the Android tablets?

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