CHART OF THE DAY: Android Growth Stalls, Apple Gaining Steam With New Smartphone Buyers

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Growth in purchases of Android smartphones in the U.S. has stalled this year, according to a new report from Nielsen.

Android still has the largest share of the smartphone market, but thanks to the Verizon iPhone, its share of new phone buyers has flatlined. Apple’s share has picked up, moving from 10% of new smartphone purchases to 17% of new smartphone purchases this year.

This is a nice change of pace for Apple which had been getting crushed in the smartphone marketshare battle.

According to this chart, Apple is still going to be lagging in overall smartphone share. But, it’s a good sign for Apple that more people are buying iPhones thanks to it being on Verizon.

Another thing to note here: Smartphone purchases are greater than feature phone purchases in the U.S.

Chart of the day android growth

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