11 Awesome Apps You Can't Get For Your IPhone Right Now

Developers usually make apps for the iPhone first, which means updates for Android and other platforms can take a little while to get to users of those platforms.

But there are quite a few awesome apps that Android owners can use that their iPhone-using friends can’t.

Hello SMS is a great app for sending texts.

Hello SMS replaces the messaging app built into most Android phones. The app utilizes a tab system to organise chats so you can quickly alternate between conversations with a single touch. Time Stamps give you the ability to quickly respond to messages as well. Plus, you can send an assortment of emoji to spruce up a boring group chat.

Price: Free

Aviate emphasises the 'smart' in smartphones when it comes to apps.

Aviate 's goal is to deliver you the right apps at the right time. The program learns your habits and can customise the apps on your screen for certain situations. When you wake up in the morning, Aviate can immediately deliver the traffic reports and reminders about calendar meetings right to your phone.

Price: Free

Glove determines the best wireless carrier for you when you move.

Glove is a useful app for picking out a wireless carrier when you move to a new city. The program runs for three days and figures out where you use your phone the most. After this testing period is over, Glove will analyse which carrier can be the best for you so you can get an excellent coverage plan.

Price: Free

Tasker lets you automate everything on your phone, from settings to SMS.

Tasker lets you tweak certain features on your phone, such as cancelling pop-up notifications from other apps. You have a wide selection of actions to choose from. Tasker contains more than 200 actions and triggers that let you control various aspects of your device.

Price: $2.99

Focus Lock will protect you from distractions.

This wonderful app will shut off certain programs on your phone. You can still send messages and make calls but you won't have to worry about getting obnoxious notifications about the weather or other apps.

Price: Free

Link Bubble gives Android users a new way to browse the Web.

Imagine you find an interesting link on Twitter. Link Bubble will let you click on it and then load it in the background while you continue using Twitter. Once you close the app, the link will be available for your viewing pleasure. It can be tough to remember all the cool stuff you see online, so Link Bubble makes it easier for you to keep track of everything.

Price: Free

DU Battery Saver will keep your battery healthy.

DU Battery Saver is a multilingual program that can increase battery life up to 50%. Its coolest feature is that it can quickly identify the apps that are draining the most power from your phone or tablet. Most iPhone apps related to battery power don't have these smart capabilities so Android users are in luck.

Price: Free

Blue Mail solves the most frustrating aspect of email.

Blue Mail treats your inbox as a to-do list. If you're reading through your inbox, you can 'snooze' certain messages to be looked at later. That specific email will reappear as a reminder to be completed later.

Price: Free

Puzzle Alarm Clock is a perfect app for people who hate the mornings.

If you're not a morning person, you have to download Puzzle Alarm Clock. The app is very simple. When you wake up in the morning, it will deliver four different types of puzzles to your phone. The app will then determine whether you're awake enough to turn off the alarm.

Price: Free

Auto Finder saves you time remembering where you parked.

It's a terrible feeling not remembering where you parked. Auto Finder uses the sensors built into your Android device to mark the location of your car on a map. When you need to find it, the app notifies you of how close you are to the car.

Price: Free

SwiftKey Keyboard simplifies sending messages to your friends.

SwiftKey is a predictive keyboard that provides accurate corrections when quickly sending messages. The app learns your writing style and can quickly correct spelling mistakes. You'll never have to worry about a friend misinterpreting a text again.

Price: $3.99

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