Android Developers: Mad As Hell, Definitely Going To Keep Taking It (GOOG)


Google hasn’t announced the results of its Android Developers Challenge — that happens later this month — but it’s already getting grief from contestants who are sure that they’re not going to get a cut of the $5 million in prize money.

What are their complaints? Basically, they don’t like the contest they entered of their own accord:

  • Google (GOOG) has appointed a single point person to handle developer queries. Apparently he’s not getting back to them fast enough.
  • Google hasn’t told them if they’ve won yet or not.
  • Google hasn’t told them who’s judging the contest, so they don’t know whom to complain to.
  • Google hasn’t convinced them that the contest isn’t rigged.

Forgive us if we seem less than sympathetic. But we do have a good solution for developers who are worried that Google won’t address these terrible problems before the second round of the Challenge: Don’t enter.

That doesn’t mean that developers need to walk away from Android, as they’re threatening to do. Unlike Apple (AAPL), which is tightly controlling third-party apps created for the iPhone, Google isn’t gating access to its mobile platform. So you don’t have to win Google’s contest to get people using your Android app. You just have to make something people like.

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