Google Is Updating Android, And Now Its Phones Are Getting All-Day Battery Life

If there’s one thing everyone hates about their phone, be it Android, iPhone, or whatever, it’s battery life. 

As phones get more powerful, the battery seems to get weaker, leading to more frequent recharging. 

Google may have come up with a software solution to improve the battery life on Android phones. 

Joe Levi at PocketNow got his hands on an early release of the forthcoming release of new Android software, and ran through some of the new features. 

The one that jumped out at us: He got 25 hours worth of battery life on his phone with the new version of Android:

“On Android 4.2 I can typically expect 4-6 hours of use before I need to recharge. As a reminder, I use my phones quite a bit more than the average user, so my battery life is expectedly lower than what most should expect to get. On Android 4.3, without changing my usage habits, I was surprised to see the phone last all day, all evening, and still had charge enough to get me to work the next morning. I was able to eek out 25+ hours and still had 1% battery life remaining. That’s impressive!”

He was testing the Android OS on a Nexus 4, Google’s home-built Android device. We don’t know how this is going to impact other Android devices, but it sounds incredible.

Here’s a video of all the new features, the bit on battery life is at 6:03:

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