Here's which Android apps drain your battery the most

If your Android phone keeps running low on battery, it might be because you’re constantly using Snapchat.

That’s according to a new report out from AVG Technologies, which releases an app report each year. This year’s survey found that Snapchat most affected phone battery performance, followed by Spotify and messaging app (and recently public company) Line.

Not only does Snapchat eat up your phone’s battery, it fills your phone’s cache, too. And those Snaps you thought had disappeared forever? Turns out Snapchat stores encrypted versions of the Snaps you send and receive. According to AVG, a 10-second video can raise Snapchat’s internal cache 11 MB.
Samsung WatchON — which has since been replaced, but allowed users to view and control programming on TVs or set-top boxes — was the top battery-drainer. Snapchat and Outlook came in second and third, respectively.

Other interesting takeaways from this year’s report: the average Android user has 33 apps installed; of the users surveyed, Samsung phones were the most popular; and if you’re running low on storage, Spotify is most likely at fault — the app requires a huge cache to stream and store music and is likely hogging a lot of space on your phone.

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