The Best Android Apps Everyone Was Talking About This Week

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Photo: Sam Spratt, Lifehacker

Too busy to keep up with the latest and greatest Android apps? We’re here to help.We picked out the best Android apps and updates this week to help you get the most out of your Android phone.

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Angry Birds got its first update in a long time

'Mine and Dine,' the latest chapter for the original Angry Birds, features 45 new levels for your enjoyment.

Price: Free

Galaxy On Fire 2 is now ready for Tegra 2 devices

Do you have one of those snappy new Android phones or tablets with Tegra 2 processors? Now the popular space adventure game takes advantage of all that power with better graphics and speed.

Price: Free

The new Starbucks app helps with your caffeine fix

The Starbucks app for Android is just like it's iOS brother. You can load your gift card balance to the app and use the special scanners in each store to pay for your drink.

Price: Free

Yahoo's AppSpot makesit easy to find great new apps

Finding the perfect app can be tough. Yahoo's AppSpot helps you out by offering personalised suggestions for new Android apps.

Price: Free

Listen to millions of songs with Sony's Qriocity

Hacking jokes aside, Sony's Qriocity service is a great way to stream millions of songs to you phone. You'll need a subscription, but Sony is giving users a 30-day free trial.

Price: Free

Sell your old stuff with eBay's updated app

eBay updated its app this week adding a feature that lets you sell items. Before, you could only browse and buy. Make some quick cash on the go with this free download.

Price: Free

Burn The Rope, the popular iPhone game, is now on Android

Burn the Rope is one of the best, most addicting games on iPhone. And it's finally on Android. Download it now to see what all the fuss is about. You'll like it.

Price: Free

Lookout Mobile Security now protects you from malicious websites too

Lookout is an excellent app for detecting malicious apps on your phone. Now it has been updated to check for potentially harmful websites you visit with your phone's browser with its 'safe browsing' feature. This app just got even more essential for Android owners.

Price: Free

Yahoo's Play is a great alternative music player

Play is like an iPod, meets Shazam, meets It not only plays your phone's music, but it will also identify songs and scrobble to Good work, Yahoo.

Price: Free

Delete your phone's data for good with Shred

ShreDroid is a nifty app that will securely remove files from your Android phone. You won't have to worry about a snoop digging up your personal information again.

Price: Free

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