ANDROID APPS OF THE WEEK: Get A Dock For All Your Apps And Share Live Video With Friends

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This week we’ll show you a variety of cool Android apps, including an app we really love that creates a pop-up multitasking bar to scroll through apps you’ve recently used.You’ll also learn about an app from the makers of to share video with friends, and an app to send free texts with other Android users.

Dock4Droid brings a cooler iOS-like multitasking bar to Android

Multitasking on Android is possible, but not convenient. We tried out Dock4Droid and enjoyed the experience.

All you do is hold down your finger on the bottom of your screen and a list of recent apps pops up that you can drag your finger across to navigate.

Dock4Droid imitates the functionality of the iOS multitasking bar, but offers some interesting options to customise its look and feel. Also, we like the fact that it sits on top of your current application instead of pushing it out of the way like in iOS.

Price: free from the Android Market

(Via Lifehacker)

Unlock with Wi-Fi is like Locale on steroids

This Android app will make iOS users very jealous because it disables your device's locking mechanism whenever you connect to your Wi-Fi network at home.

The concept is pretty simple, really, and is one more way to customise your phone to make you feel more at home. Enter in your passcode once when you get home, and then you'll never have to do it again until you leave.

Price: $1.99 from the Android Market, but try out the Lite version first

Socialcam is like Instagram but with video

Sharing video you've shot on your iPhone and sharing it with friends is not as easy as it should be.

Socialcam is a video-sharing app from the people at that allows you to see a feed of videos you and your friends have uploaded lately. It looks like a mix between Path and Instagram (iOS exclusives, unfortunately).

The app is closely integrated with Facebook, but allows you to share your video through other social networks as well.

You can tag your friends in videos, and even upload video while you're recording.

Price: free from the Android Market

KakaoTalk is the most popular free messenger in the Android Market

Kakao is a popular and well-reviewed messenger service that utilizes push notifications and is cross platform compatible with iOS.

With this app you can engage in one-on-one or group chats, and send video, voice notes, and pictures.

The most important thing about this app is the user base, which is 10 million users strong. A messenger like this can't be successful without users behind it, and Kakao claims to have more users than eBuddy, Kik, and MSN Messenger for Android.

Price: free from the Android Market

Looking for ways to send friends more than videos, pictures, and voice notes? Try Innobell

Innobell is a brand new service breaking headlines this week because it allows you to share things like YouTube videos, links, money you owe, groupons, wikipedia articles, and more, all while you're on the phone with somebody. For now it only works on GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile.

If you're on a CDMA network or wifi, you can do all these things while using the messenger portion of this app.

When you're on a call, you can bring up a grid of things you can share with the person you're talking to, making it easier to enjoy a video or a website together.

Price: free from the Android Market

Google pulled PSX4Droid from the Android Market, but you can still download it

PSX4Droid is a Playstation emulator that has the ability to play old and classic Playstation games nobody is purchasing anymore. However, some original Playstation games are being remade for the PSP and Xperia Play Android phone, so this emulator definitely annoyed Sony.

The developer used to charge for the app (when it was on the Android Market), but is offering it for free to make a stand against Google who recently took down the app. Use at your own risk.

Grab the apk file here.

(Via Droid Life)

ShareMyApps is the easiest way to let friends know about your favourites

There are thousands upon thousands of applications in the Android Market, and many of them have similar names and functions.

Recommending apps to a friend can be frustrating if your friend can't find the app you're talking about.

Download ShareMyApps, tap an app you want to share, specify a recipient, and ShareMyApps sends a link to the app to your friend using QR codes, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and more. You can add notes to each app, if you'd like.

If you're so inclined, you can even batch recommend a bunch of apps to a friend using this same method.

Price: free from the Android Market

(Via AppStorm)

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