Fring’s App Now Lets You Video Chat With Group Windows, Brady Bunch Style

fring group video chat

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Fring just updated it’s popular video chatting app to include group video chatting, a first for mobile devices.Now, you can engage in group video chats using Fring’s proprietary DVQ technology, which optimizes your video feed based on how good your data connection is.

You’ll need an iOS 4 or later iDevice, or an Android 1.5 or later device to take full advantage of the app. Fring says a 1Ghz or faster processor is recommended for the Android version.

Video chats are free over Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G (if you’re so lucky), and can be initiated between Android and iPhone users. (FaceTime for iDevices has no support for group video chatting, let alone chatting between Android and iPhone).

The Fring app also includes free messaging and cheap calling rates to anywhere in the world. Of course, phone calls are free if both users are using the app.

Download the free app here for iOS and for Android.

See below for Fring’s nightmarish demo video that could’ve scared Will Wonka:

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