9 Charts That Show The Amazing Growth Of Android

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Photo: Matt Rosoff, Business Insider

Apple’s iPhone kicked off the smartphone revolution.But Google’s Android platform has spread farther faster, and has probably done more to get smartphones into the hands of people around the world.

Last month at Mobile World Congress, Accenture mobility analyst Lars Kamp broke out some of the most interesting stats in a presentation on the mobile landscape and trends.

Here they are…

First a general comparison of growth rates. The world's population has grown 6% in the last five years. The number of mobile Internet users has gone up more than 4x.

Android passed Apple's market share in 2010 and has never looked back.

The number of Android activations per day is accelerating.

For the most part, Google has been releasing updates to Android twice a year.

This has created an explosion of different Android devices. Contrast that with the careful and orderly progression of iOS under Apple.

Here's the number of apps in the Apple App Store (red) versus Android Market (green).

Here's how Android's code base has grown over the years.

This is Google's cap ex spend by quarter. This isn't directly related to Android, but does show how much Google is willing and able to spend to keep delivering online services -- including to mobile devices..

Now, check out BI Intelligence's slide deck on the future of mobile...

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