Google May Already Be Working On An Update For Its Biggest Android Release Ever


Android 5.0 Lollipop isn’t even available for most Android phones yet, but Google may already be working on an update for the software.

A new version of Android called 5.1 is reportedly coming in February, according to blog Android Pit (via Tech Radar).

The blog claims to have spoken with two “trusted sources” familiar with the situation.

Based on the reported list of new features coming in the update, it sounds like some minor improvements and bug fixes are coming.

One notable fix, for example, seems to be the addition of a silent mode to Lollipop.

When Android 5.0 was initially released in November, users complained about the lack of a silent mode for notifications. Rather, users can choose from three options when it comes to notifications: None, Priority, or All. 

None keeps your phone entirely silent, which also means your screen doesn’t light up when you get a text or notification. Priority mode silences almost everything except for alarms, and only allows notifications from certain designated contacts to come through. And All, as you can imagine, just allows all notifications to come through normally with sound.

Here’s the full list of features and bug fixes that will supposedly come with Android 5.1.

  • Silent mode added after missing on Android 5.0
  • General improvements in system stability
  • Improved RAM management
  • Fixes for sudden app closures
  • Improved battery management
  • Excessive consumption of network devices when used Wi-Fi fixed
  • Issues with wireless connections fixed
  • Problems with OK Google function solved
  • Notifications problems solved
  • Some sound problems experience by certain devices fixed
  • Other improvements and changes
  • Changes in the Material Design colour palette (after users complaints, possibly for a higher version though)