There are now more than 2 billion devices running Android

Android has passed a formidable milestone.

Google’s mobile operating system is now used on more than two billion active devices around the world — smartphones, tablets, and so on.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced the figure on Wednesday during the opening keynote at I/O, Google’s developer conference in California.

The exec reeled out a list of stats for Google products. YouTube’s one billion users watch one billion hours a day. Google Maps’ users navigate more than one billion kilometers a day. And Google Drive’s 800 million-plus users upload three billion objects a day to the cloud file-hosting service.

But in sheer numbers, they all pale in comparison compared next to Android itself.

For context, there are only (only!) aroun 700 million active devices running iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system. UBS estimates that it will take Apple until 2019 to surpass the one-billion mark.

So while Apple’s devices might be more glamorous, it’s still nowhere close to beating Google in the numbers game.

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