ANDREW WILKIE: The government needs to 'get off their arse and do something' about politicians' travel expenses

Photo: Andrew Wilkie – Independent for Denison/ Facebook.

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie has called on both the Liberal and Labor parties to overhaul the federal MP entitlements system.

“The Government must think we’re all mugs if it believes we’ll take seriously the report today that it’s committed to implementing the reforms that came out of the 2016 review into parliamentary expenses,” he said on Tuesday.

“Minister for Revenue and Financial Services Kelly O’Dwyer may well have said all the right things today. But so did Senator Mathias Cormann way back in March 2016 and virtually nothing’s changed.

“Until something actually changes it’s all just more political gobbledygook out of Canberra.”

This morning his office released this media alert.

His comments follow the investigation into the travel expenses of health minister Sussan Ley, who has stepped aside while her spending is assessed.

It was revealed that she bought an apartment worth almost $800,000 while on a taxpayer-funded trip.

Other federal politicians have called for change, with key crossbencher Nick Xenophon announcing that he will reintroduce a bill for a major overhaul of the system when Parliament resumes.

The Abbott government commissioned a “root-and-branch” review of the entitlements system in 2015 after former speaker Bronwyn Bishop resigned following the “Choppergate” scandal.

“If what some pollies are claiming is within the rules then the current rules need to be ripped up and changed,” Senator Xenophon told the SBS.

“No wonder so many politicians are hated by so many Australians.”

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