Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest Has Brokered A Deal Between The Pope And Islamic Leaders To Try End Slavery

Fortescue chairman Andrew Forrest (Photo: Getty Images)

Australian mining magnate Andrew Forrest — with the support of the Pope and the senior Islamic authority — has launched the Global Freedom Network, an organisation established to end slavery around the world.

“Twiggy” announced the new venture at The Vatican, and appealed to the fiscal sensibilities of countries where modern slavery is still prevalent, explaining personal freedom was “one of the single greatest economic multipliers”.

According to ABC News, Pope Francis, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and the senior Islamic authority, the Grand Imam of al-Azhar, are part of the leadership council.

The Global Slavery Index, run by Forrest’s Walk Free foundation, estimates there are around 16 million people living in slavery in India and Pakistan. It is estimated slavery exists in 162 countries.

Forrest — a prolific philanthropist — has already unveiled initiatives aimed at ending slavery in Pakistan, by providing access to mining technology in return for laws tackling bonded labour.

“It has outlived Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King … It will outlive all of us unless we use the power of our own will to communicate,” he told the ABC.

There’s more here.

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