ANDREW SCHIFF: Business Insider Missed The Really Big News About My New Apartment

Earlier we posted this story, “Peter Schiff’s Brother, Who Said His $350K Salary Isn’t Enough, Just Bought A $1.23 Million Condo.”  

You might remember Andrew Schiff, the director of marketing for broker-dealer Euro Pacific Capital, from a couple months back in a story about lower Wall Street bonuses when he whined to Bloomberg’s Max Abelson about how his $350,000 salary wasn’t enough to pay for his kids tuition, his summer rental and his hope to move into a bigger apartment with a dishwasher. 

After saving up for the last 10 years, he was able to buy a larger $1.23 million condo in Brooklyn complete with a dishwasher, the New York Observer reported. 

Apparently, we missed the big news, though. 

Here’s Schiff’s response to our post…  

schiff email

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