Andrew Ross Sorkin Is Covering Sun Valley The Same Way We Are


Who isn’t at Allen & Co.’s Sun Valley media mogul fest this year? Believe it or not, New York Times DealBook editor Andrew Ross Sorkin, who is covering the confab from afar — hitting the phone lines and Twitter — like most of the rest of us.

He tells MediaMemo’s Peter Kafka that he’s too busy here finishing his book, “Too Big to Fail,” and that the crappy market means there probably won’t be many deals to poke around this year anyway. (Sorkin also missed Sun Valley in 2007 because of his honeymoon.)

For better or worse, I couldn’t make it out to Sun Valley this year because I’m chained to my desk for the next couple of weeks trying to finish my upcoming book, “Too Big to Fail.”

Given the market jitters — and resulting deal drought — we made the decision to cover the event from afar this year. I’m trying to stay up to date on the latest machinations out there by speaking with a half dozen of the invitees daily by phone and email — some of whom have already tapped out notes by Blackberry from inside this morning. (We actually might have a pretty interesting Sun Valley story up on DealBook in the next 24 hours.) We’re also running a series of Twitter feeds from other news organisations on DealBook’s homepage. And we plan to run several Sun Valley photo slide shows, as we’ve done in year’s past.

As Kafka notes, because of the secretive nature of the whole get-together, real-time coverage is probably overrated. But you can keep an eye on our Sun Valley Twitter stream here.

(Disclosure: Allen & Co. is an investor in The Business Insider.)

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