Pictures Of New York City Like You've Never Seen It Before

new york

Photo: andrew mace— on flickr

As you look over incredible photos of Hong Kong, Tokyo and Mumbai, it’s easy to forget that the world’s most breathtaking city is right here in America.Photographer Andrew Mace takes beautiful pictures of New York City using a Nikon D90.

Of the hundreds of photos posted at his flickr page, we’ve picked out a selection that are free to share.

Rooftop graffiti in Chinatown

Sunset over Lower Manhattan

Bloomberg Tower and Midtown at Sunset

Downtown from 23 stories up

Sunset at Gapstow Bridge in Central Park

Times Square at sunset

Lower Manhattan at twilight from Brooklyn Bridge Park

Lower Manhattan skyline at twilight

Union Square at night

The Central Park Pond at night

Central Park at night

20 Exchange Place, Financial District

The Metropolitan Museum at night

The Guggenheim at night

The Port Authority at night

Atlantic Avenue Tunnel, Brooklyn

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