The biggest winner with Russell Wilson's new contract is Andrew Luck

Russell Wilson is now signed through the 2019 season with a new four-year, $US87 million extension. The real winner here is Andrew Luck, who was taken 74 picks earlier than Wilson in the 2012 NFL Draft and is still considered the better quarterback.

Michael Ginnitti of Spotrac looked at other recent quarterback contracts and predicted Luck’s next deal would be worth $US113.2 million over five years with $US53 million guaranteed and an average annual value of $US22.6 million, which would be tops in the NFL. While this projection was made prior to Wilson’s deal, there isn’t much that might change except possibly the amount of guaranteed money, as Wilson’s contract includes $US60 million guaranteed against injury.

Let’s assume Luck does sign a 5-year, $US113.2 million contract to start in 2016. Let’s also assume that he eclipses Wilson in signing bonus ($US30 million) and gets $US35 million up front and the rest of the money comes in the form of salaries that escalate in a similar manner to Wilson. Luck could hit $US135.3 million in career earnings by 2020 when he will still be just 31 years old. Here is how that compares to Wilson.

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