Everyone Is Making Fun Of Stanford For Giving One Of Its Football Coaches A Ridiculous New Title

andrew luck plays football for stanford university in 2011

Photo: AP

The offensive coordinator at Stanford is no longer the offensive coordinator. He is now the Andrew Luck Director of offence.That is not a joke (Twitter begs to differ).

The school announced today that they were endowing the position thanks to an anonymous donation in Luck’s honour.

The name is silly and overly formal and we should all make jokes about it. But this is actually a great sign for the Stanford program because it means that the school’s rich alumni are starting to prop up the football program with big-time donations — which is exactly what happens at powerhouse schools across the country.

There’s a risk that Stanford could recede to the margins of college football after Jim Harbaugh left two years ago and Andrew Luck left last winter.

But with a more engaged network of boosters, they can certainly stay competitive.

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