A man convicted of murdering a sex worker will deliver an 'inspirational' presentation at a conference for school teachers

  • Convicted murderer Andrew Evans is set to give a presentation at a teachers conference about addiction recovery.
  • Evans killed Nicole Parisien in 2007. He was released after seven years in prison.
  • Now he works at an adolescent drug recovery organisation.
  • Some teachers are uneasy about the decision to give him a platform.

A man who strangled a woman to death is scheduled to give an “inspirational” presentation about addiction recovery to a group of teachers.

Andrew Evans, a former drug counselor and college rugby player, was convicted of second-degree murder in 2007. He confessed that he beat and strangled Nicole Parisien, a sex worker, after being unable to get an erection, and then hid her body in the bushes.

Evans was sentenced to life in prison, but received parole after seven years, according to BC Global News.

In the years since, Evans moved back to Calgary and now works as the quality assurance coordinator at the Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre, according to BC Global News.

He is scheduled to speak at the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention on February 14 and 15 about addiction treatment and recovery, along with Andrew Morton, a Calgary police officer.

The convention’s schedule summary doesn’t mention Evans’s murder conviction. People first became alarmed after a Reddit user pointed out in the r/Calgary subreddit that the man who killed Parisien would be speaking in front of teachers, according to BC Global News.

Choosing Evans as a speaker has sparked a backlash. One educator,granted anonymity by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to protect their employment status, said it reflected poorly on teachers

“I think parents would not be very happy,” the educator said. “We should be using our time in a way that enhances our profession as a whole, but also our own teaching practice.”

A representative for the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention referred INSIDER to a statement from the Alberta Teachers Association, which defended having Evans as a speaker.

“Teachers are smart and thoughtful professionals capable of examining contentious issues and sensitive topics with critical thought,” the statement reads. “We trust in the professionalism of teachers to understand and appreciate different perspectives on issues that relate to their work.”

This article has been updated with a response from the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention.

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