New York's governor helped pull a stuck car out of the snow

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo braved the blizzard that hit the East Coast on Saturday to go out with a crew assisting drivers who are out on the roads in the snow.

Earlier in the day, he had announced a travel ban for New York City and Long Island roads starting at 2 p.m. MetroNorth trains and the Long Island Railroad are closing, New Jersey Transit trains have already stopped running, and the New York City subway will run on limited service. Subway lines that run above ground are being shut down.

A blizzard was expected to dump about a foot of snow on the city, but the storm (called “Jonas”) has ended up being worse than expected.

Cuomo’s office released photos of him going out on the roads. Politico’s Albany bureau chief noted on Twitter that Cuomo used to work as a tow truck driver:

And the governor’s Twitter account also posted the pictures on Flickr:

Emergency personnel are prepared for helping others stranded in the storm:

The travel ban will be in effect until at least midnight, officials said Saturday afternoon.

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