Andrew Bynum Is Suing His neighbours, Claiming They Hit His Home With A 'Long Stick'

andrew bynum crazy hair

Photo: ESPN screenshot via The 700 Level

Philadelphia 76ers centre Andrew Bynum is locked in a obnoxious feud with his neighbours at his home in Westchester, Calif., where he lived for the seven years he played for the Lakers.According to TMZ, Bynum is suing Ramond and Cindy Beckett because he claimed they threw coins at his Ferrari, chipping the paint, screamed at him for playing loud music, and hit his home with a “long stick.” Bynum said they objected to his profession, race and friends.

The Becketts counter-sued Bynum claiming similar reckless behaviour. They allege he brandished firearms attempting to intimidate them, blasted disrespectful music and video games, let his dogs run wild in the neighbourhood and used illegal drugs and allowed marijuana smoke to drift into their yard, among other things.

It sounds like a bunch of people that simply don’t like each other, and they’re trying to break down the other person and crush them beyond repair. Still, how any of these claims can be proven seems like an arduous task.

It’s been a difficult season for Bynum. He was traded from Los Angeles this summer, has yet to suit up for the Sixers after knee surgery, re-injured both knees bowling, and now has this legal battle to contend with.

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