Andrew Breitbart Borrowed $25,000 From His Father To Launch

Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart is making a claim as one of the most influential conservative people on the internet. He brought down Anthony Weiner; he started the ACORN scandal; he caused the Shirley Sherrod mess.

And it’s come all thanks to his websites,,, and

And the world has his father to thank for the sites. Without him, Breitbart wouldn’t have had the money to launch them.

From a New York Times‘ story (that runs on the front page of the business section!):

In the summer of 2009, [James] O’Keefe approached him with videos he had secretly recorded in Acorn offices on the East Coast. Mr. Breitbart borrowed $25,000 from his father and started a site, Big Government, where the videos would be posted. They quickly went viral, consuming official Washington.

Breitbart is also hyper media aware. The story starts with him in Decatur, Ill., hearing that Weiner is going to resign. He cancels an appearance and jumps on a plane to Minneapolis because he needs to be near an satellite hookup. Just hours later, he appears on CNN.

“To put myself in Decatur, Ill., without a satellite connection would have put me in a bad situation,” Breitbart says.

This came just a day after he took Weiner’s press conference hostage.

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