Golf's newest cult figure has a new sponsor and it is one of the most logical partnerships in sports

Andrew “Beef” Johnston, the golfer who stormed onto the scene this year on the European Tour and became a household name on the American side of the pond during his 8th-place finish at the British Open, is back this week for his first shot at winning the PGA Championship.

Beef also has a new sponsor this week, one that is already one of the most logical partnerships in sports: Arby’s, the brand behind “We Have the Meats” campaign.

You can see the new logo on both his shirt and on the back of his cap.

For Johnston, everything seems oversized, from his now-famous beard, to his love of food and his personality. Now the the 27-year-old cult figure from London has the perfect business partner.

Johnston also has some of his favourite meats stamped onto his Titleist wedge at the PGA Championship. It would seem that in the near future, these will be replaced by some of his favourite Arby’s sandwiches.


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