The Ohio police officer who killed Andre Hill while responding to a non-emergency call has been fired

Protesters raise their fists and observe a moment of silence during a demonstration against the police killing of Andre Hill in the neighbourhood where Hill was shot, in Columbus, Ohio on December 24, 2020. STEPHEN ZENNER/AFP via Getty Image
  • Columbus police officer Adam Coy was fired on Monday following a disciplinary hearing regarding the shooting death of Andre Hill.
  • Coy fatally shot Hill on December 22, while he and another officer were responding to a non-emergency call.
  • Police said the officers found Hill in a friend’s open garage holding a mobile phone in one hand.
  • Coy did not have his body camera on when the shooting happened, but because he turned it on afterward, a “look-back” feature recorded the shooting and the moments leading up to it.
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The police officer in Columbus, Ohio, who killed 47-year-old Andre Hill, an unarmed Black man who was standing in an open garage with his mobile phone when he was shot on December 22, has been fired, according to a statement from Public Safety Director Ned Pettus Jr.

Columbus police officer Adam Coy, who had been on the force for 19 years, was fired after Pettus held a disciplinary hearing regarding the incident.

“The information, evidence and representations made by Chief (Thomas) Quinlan as the investigator are, in my opinion, indisputable. His disciplinary recommendation is well-supported and appropriate,” Pettus said in a statement sent to Insider. “The actions of Adam Coy do not live up to the oath of a Columbus Police officer, or the standards we, and the community, demand of our officers.”

The Franklin County Coroner’s Office has determined Hill’s death was a homicide and its cause was multiple gunshot wounds.

According to a statement from the Columbus Police Department issued last week, police were responding to a non-emergency call when Hill was shot.

The statement said Coy and another officer had been dispatched to the scene following a call about a man repeatedly turning his vehicle on and off.

Police said a review of the incident showed the officers, who did not flash their lights or sirens because the call was considered a non-emergency, found Hill inside a friend’s open garage.

The officers did not have their body cameras turned on at the time, but a “look-back” feature, which captures 60 seconds of action before a camera is turned on, showed Hill walking toward police with a phone in one of his hands. Seconds later, Coy shot Hill, police said.

A further investigation into the incident showed that Coy also failed to give aid to Hill after the shooting, Police Chief Quinlan said in a statement on December 24.

“When I became chief, I changed our core values to include accountability,” Quinlan said of Coy’s firing. “This is what accountability looks like. The evidence provided solid rationale for termination. Mr. Coy will now have to answer to the state investigators for the death of Andre Hill.”

Hill’s family and attorney Ben Crump told Insider in a statement that the police department made the “correct decision” in firing Coy.

“We look forward to reviewing all the bodycam footage and determining everything that happened leading to Andre Hill’s death,” the statement said. “We need to redefine a relationship between police and communities of colour in which it doesn’t turn deadly for a Black person with a cell phone to encounter a law enforcement officer.”

Hill was the second Black man to be killed by law enforcement officers in Columbus in December.

On December 4, a sheriff’s deputy fatally shot 23-year-old Casey Goodson. There is no body camera footage of that incident.