Anderson Silva Wants A Rematch For The UFC Middleweight Title This Year

Anderson Silva Rematch UFC Weidman

Fallen former UFC champion Anderson Silva has changed his tune, saying he wants a rematch for the middleweight title after all.

According to SB Nation, sources close to Silva say he wants the rematch by the end of the year. In the post fight interview immediately following his TKO loss to Chris Weidman, Silva said he would never fight for the title again. It was a confusing, messy interview from the greatest mixed martial arts fighter ever. He seemed shocked and embarrassed.

Apparently that all has worn off. The calls for a rematch began as soon as referee Herb Dean dived between a fallen Silva and a bloodthirsty Weidman. After all, Silva’s contract allows for instant rematches of his choosing.

UFC president Dana White is reportedly considering scheduling the rematch for December 28. However, doing so would require White to move the previously scheduled headlining fight between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate to February 1. It is also possible White makes the Weidman-Silva rematch for February 1.

Silva’s crew say they have never seen him so focused on a fight, which is exciting news for UFC fans. Silva had won 17 straight fights before falling to Weidman. The streak of dominance seemed to bore Silva in recent fights as his matches became equal parts showmanship and force. For years Silva walked his high wire taunting act without a slip.

Weidman also confirmed the rematch on The Dan Patrick Show today. 

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