Anderson Cooper's Bunny Suit Made Piers Morgan Nervous

anderson cooper

Before Piers Morgan took his new job at CNN he was encouraged to watch Anderson Cooper‘s show to get a sense of the network.

Turns out Morgan only knew Cooper from his Katrina coverage — admittedly not a bad way to know him — so imagine his surprise when he tuned into Cooper’s bunny suit segment (he was playing with apes.)

“I was quite horrified,” joked Morgan.

“Yeah, you probably had some second thoughts about coming to CNN…you thought it was one of those access shows in the United States, like after midnight.”


Fear not, Morgan speculators, the interview — ostensibly a preview of what viewers can expect of CNN’s new 9pm hour —  is not all fluff.  Morgan and Anderson also talk Katrina and Anderson’s family as well as his truthiness.  Perhaps most promising is the when Morgan stumps Cooper with the question ‘what is the greatest moment of your life?’  Video below.

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