And Now Futures Are Turning Lower Again

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Update 2 7:21 AM ET: Selling intensifying. Europe really getting whipped around.

Update: The lower house of Germany’s parliament has passed eurotarp, but futures are now turning lower.

Original post: Wait, what were you saying about the ugly close in the US last night, and how the market wouldn’t rebound unless we got some big G20 integration?

Right now, things are looking OK.

Japan was ugly (playing catch up), but Shanghai ended up 1%, oil is above $70, the euro is above $1.25, and US index futures are solidly higher, but about .5%. Sure, anything can happen between now and the opening bell, and then between the opening bell and the closing bell, but the end of the world isn’t here yet.

And now we’ve got just a few more hours in Jim Cramer’s window to see the next Lehman. If it doesn’t come soon, we can sound the all-clear, right?

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