...And There's More On The Layoffs That May Have Hit Citadel Securities

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UPDATE #3: Ok, here’s what actually seems to have happened. Someone in Citadel Asset Management in San Francisco was fired this morning (from a source inside the company).

UPDATE #2: Obviously, we asked our tipster for more info after hearing this.

Us: Media relations denied it.

Source: I saw it happen from the front lines. (In San Francisco.)

UPDATE: Well, we just heard from Citadel’s media relations rep that no layoffs have happened today.

Us: Will they happen later today?

MR: No

Us: Later this week?

MR: I didn’t ask that question.

So, judge for yourself.

Also for your consideration:  A short while ago, we were warned of upcoming layoffs at Citadel. And then yesterday Dow Jones reported that someone familiar with the matter at Citadel said, “there could be staffing changes as the firm is undertaking its annual business review.”

As we predicted, it seems that layoffs just hit Citadel, according to an email tip we just got:

Citadel tip was right. Massive layoffs hitting this morning. Guys in their equity derivatives unit got the axe.

Not to say these guys weren’t dealt a blow, but Citadel’s hardly the only firm getting slammed with layoffs right now.

Click here to see who else has gotten the axe recently >

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