As The Stock Implodes, The Exodus From Zynga Begins

alan patmore kixeye

Photo: Kixeye

Kixeye, a fast-growing social gaming startup in San Francisco, has hired away Zynga general manager Alan Patmore.At Zynga, Patmore oversaw CityVille and Mafia Wars, two of the company’s most successful games on Facebook.

Zynga has lately had a lot of trouble replicating those early successes, and is doing whatever it can to hold onto its talent — including giving additional stock to employees.

Zynga is also working on a “hardcore” game that caters to a more male-centric audience, in the hope that it’ll make more money than the games it’s best known for, like FarmVille and Draw Something.

Those are the kinds of games that Kixeye, a 250-person startup in San Francisco, is actively developing.

Kixeye hasn’t pulled any punches in its campaign against other larger social gaming companies like Zynga and EA. A recent recruiting video went for the jugular, mocking Pincus and the rest of the gaming world. We’ve included the video below (and have also heard Kixeye’s recruiting activity has spiked 500 per cent since the video went viral).

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