... And Now, Gas Prices Are About To Become A Big Issue

gas gasoline station

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Just in time for the home-stretch of the Presidential campaign, gas prices are becoming a big story again.According to AP, the price of a gallon of gas is up about 30 cents nationally from a month ago. An average gallon of regular is now $3.71.

Gasoline prices surged in the spring, and everyone thought they would cause a summer of hell for drivers and consumers, but they faded. However, with the economy apparently gathering steam, and oil crossing back over $95, gas is back.

Reuters reported yesterday that at The White House, the idea of opening the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is back on the table — a classic election-time move.

The economy does seem to be strengthening a little, but this is always a speed break, and one that consumers notice fast.

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