Felix Salmon Responds to Charlie Gasparino's Accusations

felix salmonFelix Salmon

The war of words between Charlie Gasparino and Felix Salmon continues.Gasparino recently blasted Salmon for a blog post about him he felt was “100% wrong” in a recent interview with Benzinga, referring to his concerns of the rising power and influence of the blogosphere.

A simple Google search will show that there has been a history of ill-will between these two men.

As I had done the interview with Charlie and an earlier interview with Felix Salmon, Felix emailed me to get his side out.

“Gasparino has a standing invitation to respond in as much detail and at as much length as he likes, with the response appearing on that particular blog entry, or elsewhere on my blog, or on his blog, or anywhere he wants,” Felix wrote. “So far, he has consistently refused to say anything on the record about the incident in question.”

Charlie was unable to be reached for a response.

What’s interesting to me about this debate is the degree to which the lines between traditional journalism and the blogosphere are blurring. Consider, for example, Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Dealbook. While it is typically referred to as a blog (it even won a Webby Award for Best Business Blog in 2007 and an EPpy Award for Best Business Blog in 2008), it breaks news nearly as frequently as any other section of the New York Times – does that make Sorkin a blogger or journalist? I don’t think anyone that listened to my interview with him a few months ago could say he’s not a journalist, but the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

And while blogging is traditionally lambasted for layering news with the author’s opinion, take a look around at most news programs on TV today and ask yourself whether it’s any secret where the host of the show’s beliefs lie. It’s a function of the society we live in and, while we might not want to admit it, what we find most entertaining.

Feuds between journalists – blogging or not – have been around since the dawn of journalism itself. But judging by his comment above, Felix is giving Charlie a medium to respond directly on the post in question.

– Alex Schiff

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