And Now Companies Are Buying Boatloads Of Apple's iPhones And iPads, Too (Sorry, Microsoft)

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Those who are clinging to the ever-dwindling hope that Apple‘s iPhones and iPads are “just consumer products” that will never penetrate the enterprise won’t want to read this story about how Wells Fargo, SAP, and other companies are now buying iPads by the boatload.

Microsoft‘s monopoly is breaking down. Research in Motion is nowhere in the burgeoning mobile platform battle. And other companies who depend on a sharp distinction between “enterprise” and “consumer” markets will likely soon suffer a similar fate.

Rachel King, Bloomberg:

Wells Fargo & Co. spent two years studying the iPhone before letting bankers use the device at work. Apple Inc.‘s iPad, released in April, took just weeks to get cleared.

This time around, safeguards against security breaches are stronger from the start, according to Megan Minich, a senior vice president at the San Francisco-based bank. Her colleagues used two of the first shipment of 15 iPads to demonstrate financial products at an investors’ conference in May. More are on the way, Minich said.

“We’ve got a bunch ordered that we can’t get yet,” she said in an interview.

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