And Now Comes A ‘Tense’ Final Few Days Of The Year

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And now that life is returning to normal: Constant attention to the Fiscal Cliff.Here’s what UBS’s Anthony Ip wrote earlier this week:

 In a statement on Friday, Obama described his plan as an “achievable goal that can get done in 10 days” and conceded that a “grand bargain” for deficit reduction with the GOP is unlikely before year-end. With the House and the Senate only reconvening on Thursday 27th and the President on vacation in Hawaii at the start of the week, it is fair to say that newsflow over the next 72 hours will be fairly thin before we head into a tense final few business days of the year.

Consistent with the above, Fox reports that Obama flies back to DC late tomorrow night to resume talks.

Remember, when we left thing off this weekend, the talk was that the best hope was a tiny push deal that buys more time.