And Now Bird Flu Is Back


Remember that? Bird flu? We barely do now that you mention it. But it’s back.

Anything else horrible from past years want to return? Come on, pile it on.

WSJ:  A lethal strain of avian influenza has resurfaced in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and Cambodia, raising the threat to humans as the traditional winter flu season approaches.

…In Indonesia, the World Health organisation confirmed two new cases of human bird flu on Tuesday, while in Cambodia, a 19-year-old has been confirmed with the virus, the country’s first human case in more than 18 months, the World Health organisation and Cambodian government said.

Bird flu remains a threat primarily to poultry, not humans, among whom it is poorly transmitted. Since a peak in 2006, the number of confirmed human cases of H5N1 bird flu reported to the WHO has tapered off, with 38 cases this year — the majority in Indonesia — leading to 29 deaths. That’s a tiny fraction of the number of deaths each year from regular influenza.

A threat remains in the strain’s potential to mutate into a truly human disease that health authorities warn could kill tens of millions.

There are a few human vaccines available BUT their effectiveness isn’t tested yet. Hmm.