And Now, 700,000 Ex-Census Workers Are About To Flood The Market



Just a warning. Your job search is about to get this much harder, as 700,000 census workers come onto the market.The NYT notes that in past years the Census actually had a hard time keeping folks around, as they rushed for more lucrative work in the private sector.

This year, they’re the very picture of the middle-aged, former professional for whom this recession has been especially devastating.

Ms. Ludgate receives notes from departing workers, some by e-mail, others in ink. They thank her for the chance to learn something about themselves and their country. They write to say their confidence had picked up, that they can again meet the gaze of friends and neighbours.

These are the missives of hard-working people who found themselves in a tighter spot than they ever expected, and who came to view census work as a lifeline.

Many are middle-aged. The census offices in Providence and Bridgeport, Conn., offer a sea of grey-haired men and women in neat office garb. They work with an intensity that suggests they would rather concentrate on the task at hand than the fast-approaching end.

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