And Here Is Why It Must Be So Cool To Work At The Top Of Apple

jony ive apple
Here’s Apple designer Jony Ive, wondering what else he can make

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In his long interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook, Bloomberg BusinessWeek editor Josh Tyrangiel asked how always having to come up with yet another amazing gadget affects Cook personally.Cook’s answer:

There’s more pressure that comes from within than from the outside. Our customers have an incredibly high bar for us. We have an even higher bar for ourselves. So we want to do great work, and yeah, people are always talking about what we may do next and when it might happen, but honestly we’re driven much more internally by great people who want to do great work. As I look around the table at the executive team, arguably, at least in my opinion, we have the best designer in the world, the top silicon expert in the world, the best operational executive in the world, and the best leaders in marketing, software, hardware, and services. These are people that have very high standards that are driven to do things beyond what other people have thought. And I think it’s that ambition and that desire and that thrust for excellence that make creating new things even more likely.

What that answer makes me think about is how cool it must be to work for Google (specifically Google X) and Apple.

In both places, the mission is simple: dream up amazing, world-changing technologies and then figure out how to make it happen.

In both places, the mission is incredibly well-funded with mountains of cash.