18 Ancient Websites You Won't Believe Still Exist

The old web is a weird, wild, and wonderful place.

That’s why Tim Katlic created the site 404PageFound to uncover and keep track of websites from the early 90s and mid-2000s that are still live online today.

“I had this fascination with Web 1.0 and how quirky it really is, especially in light of how fancy websites are now,” Katlic, only 28 himself, told Business Insider. “At the same time, the old internet wasn’t really that different: Everyone was just trying to be heard back then as well.”

Katlic’s been running the site since 2009. By 2013, 118 of the original 583 sites he featured had been removed.

“It makes you take for granted how fickle a lot of these things are,” he says. “Someone will shut down a server and a site will go offline. In a way, it’s sad to think. The person shutting off the server probably doesn’t know about what half the content on there is. These sites are just sort of floating out there, and that’s why I wanted to document them before they’re forgotten.”

The 'Welcome To Netscape' webpage still lives on online:

Here's a website from the early 90s dedicated to sporks:

That's not even the only ode to sporks still alive and well on the web. 'I've found that there were very few references to cats back then,' Katlic says. Clearly, cats are the new spork.

Where else would people get their daily fractals in 1995?

This 1995 site taught readers tips on how to build their own web pages:

CNN's main page for the O.J. Simpson trial still exists from the mid-90s:

Katlic found a lot of these ancient sites by buying books from the early 90s that listed hundreds of websites in them.

This strange Australian game from 1995 lets you navigate through a castle, sort of...

It's cool that Fluffy's World is 'still tucked away in a little corner of Cyberspace.' The site was last updated in 1995.

A morbid game created in 1994 and last updated in 2004 lets you attack Barney with a variety of weapons (warning: It works reaaally slowly).

Like a super-early version of Yelp, from 1995:

The rest of this 1995 site is definitely worth exploring, as it's jam-packed with old pictures of corporate balloons:

The code of this extremely minimalist site hasn't changed since at least October 1999.

'This site is a perfect example of the type of graphical humour you could find on the Internet in its first couple of years,' Katlic writes.

McSpotlight calls itself the 'biggest, loudest, most red, most read Anti-McDonald's extravaganza the world has ever seen':

This amazing site is the perfect reminder that before GIFs were cool today, they had a huge heyday in the 90s:

Warner Bros' Space Jam site is probably the most popular old website:

But Nickelodeon still has a website for 'Amanda Please,' a segment of 'The Amanda Show' about Amanda Bynes:

Now, a look at some old websites that might be a little more familiar...

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