The Epic Anchovy Price Spike Is Not To Be Ignored

anchovies anchovy pizza

Photo: Elin B via flickr

If you thought you were saving yourself — whether in taste or cost — by holding the anchovies, think again.The Guardian’s Rupert Neate is out with a feature today warning rising anchovy prices are poised to filter into your shopping cart.

“…the global nature of the food chain means severe storms off the coast of Peru have led to a dramatic jump in the price of the oily fish – which will in turn lead to a spike in Scottish farmed fish, Chinese pigs and even Omega 3 tablets…,” he writes.

The price of fish oil has increased $500 since January to $2,000 per tonne; fish meal has jumped from $1,300 a tonne to a record $1,700.

Besides the aforementioned weather effects, the price is also being driven by fish replacing corn as feed for some animals as the latter crop’s price has exploded.

Click here to read Neate’s full report at The Guardian.

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