Analysts have given up on the iPad

There was a funny moment on Apple’s earnings call Tuesday afternoon.

Tim Cook, in the middle of an answer to a question about the iPhone said, “Nobody’s asking me about iPad on the call.”

Even after he set analysts up with that quip, nobody bothered to ask him about the iPad.

That’s because they have given up on the iPad. Which makes sense since it’s been down for the past 7 quarters.

Last quarter, iPad sales were down 20% to 9.9 million units.

Why are iPad sales tanking? Nobody asked Tim Cook, so it’s hard to say! But, our guess: The iPad has a long replacement cycle, and it’s been made obsolete by bigger iPhones.

Further, Mac sales are up and some people are probably choosing a new MacBook or MacBook Air over an iPad. Which works for Apple since the Mac sells at a higher price.

Here’s a look at iPad sales:

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