Analyst: Windows 7 Launch Will Slow Apple's Mac Business

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After months and months of speculation, Microsoft has finally put a hard date on the release of Vista-successor Windows 7. Early reviews have been decent, and since Vista had horrible adoption rates (especially when you consider the time and effort that went into building it), a new operating system for users and businesses to get excited about couldn’t come soon enough.

At least one analyst, Ashok Kumar from Collins Stewart thinks the launch will slow any market share gains Apple (AAPL) would otherwise see at its Mac business, according to Tech Trader Daily. On the other hand, if Mac does come out with its long-awaited tablet, then that will mitigate that.

We still think the burden is on Microsoft to show that Windows 7 is actually something people will get excited about. That being said, even without it, Microsoft has been able to staunch the bleeding, imparing Mac’s growth.

Kumar is also in the camp that believes Apple will able to source parts cheaply enough so that it can offer a $99 iPhone, allowing it to win more share from the likes of RIMM.

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