Analyst: RIM's New BlackBerry Operating System 'May Never See The Light Of Day'

blackberry 10

Photo: CrackBerry

Don’t hold your breath for RIM to ever come out with its BlackBerry 10 operating system.The company revealed on Thursday that the launch date for the new platform would be pushed back until 2013, and according to one analyst, this may be the kiss of death.

Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White wrote in a research note Friday that RIM’s decision to delay the new operating system may weaken the company’s position so much that the company as we know it may not exist in a year to release the platform.

Here’s the full quote from his research note:

With the expected ramp of Apple’s iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III in the second-half of the year, we believe RIM’s delay of BlackBerry 10 may leave the company so vulnerable that the new platform may never see the light of day. Essentially, we would not be surprised if RIM is in a different form than today by the time 1QCY13 rolls around. At the same time, this window provides more opportunity for market share gains at both Apple and Samsung in the second-half of the year.

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